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Our Objectives

How we plan to fulfill our vision and mission


Elevating Public Awareness for Sustainable Well-being

Raising  awareness and allocating ressources to improve public health, with a focus on preventive measures, sanitation, and access to clean water and nutritious food.


Youth Environmental Education

Equipping  youth with knowledge, skills, and opportunities to become environmental stewards and champions of eco-health in their communities, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the natural world.


Community Engagement for Sustainability

Engaging  local communities in eco-friendly practices and sustainable livelihoods, empowering them to be active participants in protecting  their environment and improving their quality of life.


Advocating for Health and Environment

Educating the public, policymakers, and stakeholders about the connections between human health and the environment, advocating for policies and practices that prioritize both.


Innovative Eco-Health Solutions

Conducting research and promoting  innovation in eco-health solutions, integrating insights from health psychology and combining scientific knowledge with traditional wisdom to respond to emerging environmental and public health challenges.


Sustainable Waste Solutions

Implementing comprehensive waste management strategies to minimize pollution, promote recycling and composting, and mitigate the negative impact of waste on public health and the environment


Multi-Sector Alliances for Lasting Change

Build partnerships and alliances across sectors to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for behavior change advocacy. Collaborate with government, academia, civil society, and the private sector to to find holistic and sustainable solutions to eco-health challenges.


Strengthening Partnerships for Collective Impact

Collaborating with governmental agencies, NGOs, businesses, and international organizations to maximize impact by pulling ressources and expertise for collective action towards a healthier, more sustainable Zanzibar.


Ensuring Sustainable Progress

Establish a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to systematically assess the effectiveness of interventions and measure their impact on environmental sustainability and public health outcomes

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